Activities in Exuma

Moriah Harbour beach
You could visit a different beach each day, with yours being the only footprints, every day of your vacation and never duplicate. We provide a full list to our guests
Have you stroked a turtle. we have a beach where they hang out. Feel their silky skin, feed them by hand.
Kiteboarding off Harbour View
Whichever way the wind blows you can drive or be taken by a professional, to a beach where the Kitesurfing is phenominol
We have kayaks you are welcome to use to explore the offshore islands
Minns water sports
Rent a boat from Minns and explore the cays and reefs of Elizabeth Harbour
You can scuba over coral reefs, walls, wrecks and rent equipment, or have lessons from Dive Exuma
Coconut beach
Enjoy the many restaurants that provide local delicasies and international cuisine. Several are located directly on one of the many beaches
Catch your evening meal. Mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, there all here waiting for your bait.
Swimming pigs
All day boat trips through the Cays, swim or pet sharks, feed swimming pigs, visit Thunderball Cave
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