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"Nice & Peaceful Place" 5 of 5 stars *****
"We arrived at the airport around 7 p.m. and a band was playing while we were waiting to pass the gates. What a warmful welcome! ( if you rent a car, be sure to have a flashlight, i will help so much to read the paper in your car at night and it will save time if you are tired). Don were a very perfect host. He makes our stay a real pleasure. It's usefull to be able to have information or details about the things we wanted to do. The view on the deck is wonderful and the beach in front with an acess close to the house was very useful too. We took the kayak and we walked on the beach alone for long time. Try Cheater restaurant. Don't be afraid of the outdoor because the owner is so generous and his food is so fresh, delicious and cheap. We had a great week and we met very good persons. Have fun! "
Paradise 5 star*****
" If your looking for a great house in a great place this is it! The price was great, very affordable. Had everything we needed. Great location on the island. You will need to rent a car. Don & Gail were very helpful and were great hosts! "
"Awesome views"5 star*****
We're staying here this week and loving in. The place is just enough for a romantic getaway. The views are breathtaking. The kitchen is small, but theres everything you need, including a full-sized fridge. There is satellite tv and Internet access. The master bedroom is large with a huge view of the turquoise ocean that is the first thing you see when you wake up. Don and Gail are so kind. They were very accommodating. They offered to put curtains up based on a previous review, but we asked them not to put them up for us as we wanted the view in the morning, and we're not woken up early as the other reviewer said. We don't bonefish, but the perfect bonefish spot is immediately in front of the house. We used one of the double kayaks and saw turtles, rays, and hosts of fish on the way to Moriah Harbor the deserted island only a kayak away from the house. The island has sand bars that lead way out into the ocean, miles of sandy white beaches, and no one else for miles and miles. We wanted to learn how to kitesurf and this would be a great spot. We probably won't get to that though, we have been so busy doing nothing!
"Great Vacations at Harbour View. 4****
Just got back from a marvelous week spent over in Harbour View, Great Exuma. Don and Gail are great hosts and provided us with the necessary Support and recomendations for us to have a wonderful time. Apartment is very Comfortable and views are exceptional. Beaches and bonefishing across the canal are numero # 1. Thanks
"A vacation we may never be able to top!"
Our stay at Harbour View was simply amazing. Despite some windy weather and rough water the first few days we didn't feel our days were wasted - our host kindly checked in on us and offered advice and ideas on where we could go and what to do to make the best of it. He also helped us plan what days would be best to book a tour to see more of the Exuma cays. The property and amenities at Harbour View were as promised. The kitchenette was just big enough and well equipped so that we were able to cook most of our meals at the house. It was thrilling to wake up each morning in a big comfy bed overlooking beautiful Moriah Cay. Spectacular snorkelling is to be had just by stepping off the boat dock or by paddling across to Moriah Cay. We were thrilled to see so many colourful fish without even getting wet! Our day exploring Moriah Cay was relaxing and exciting all at the same time, with our day being topped off spotting two baby lemon sharks and a small sting ray in the shallows ... and that was in less than perfect conditions! We definitely recommend getting "stranded" for a day ... it's a great way to unwind ... snorkelling, sunbathing and searching for shells! We highly recommend Harbour View, and encourage anyone visiting the Exumas to rent a car, get out there and explore the many beautiful beaches! Don & Gail have done a wonderful job providing a book of suggested sights to see, restaurants to eat at and available tours. Be sure to tap into their knowledge of the area - it's invaluable when it comes to making you feel safe and at home and ensuring you get the most out of your stay. Oh ... and be sure to connect with Harbour View on Facebook - Don does a great job sharing photos and reviews. Thank you for a fantastic vacation ... it's going to take a lot to top this one ... and we're not even sure it's possible!
"Paradise !"
We stayed here in august for a week and wished it had been longer. This really is paradise, we had each beach all to ourselves and every one was soft white sand and crystal clear water. The house was immaculate and the views outstanding. The photos here look great but to see this in person is breathtaking. We will definitely go back, many times too.  
"Lovely ambiance with a beautiful setting"
This is the second time my wife and I have visited Harbour View and I can say that it will not be our last. The lure of deserted beaches and little uninhabited Cays to explore will be pulling me back some time in the (hopefully) not too far distant future. I can highly recommend this location to those looking for solitude, beautiful views and who also have a little spirit of adventure. Moriah Cay is a short paddle away in the kayaks provided and is a natural paradise to explore at your leisure, turquoise waters and unspoiled landscapes await. After four trips there I can honestly say I feel I have only scratched the surface, there is so much more to explore and of course there is still Man O War Cay just a short paddle beyond!! Don and Gail are the perfect hosts, extremely accommodating to my requests (thank you again Don!) and having lived in Exuma for a long time, very knowledgeable of the lay of the land with many suggestions of different activities. A rental car is a must as you're fairly isolated in Hartswell and if further exploration of Elizabeth Harbour is desired then a boat from Minns Watersports for a day or two is also recommended. For those who have an aversion to the commercial packaged resort experience like myself I can highly recommend Harbour View, lovely accommodation and ambiance - you'll leave a lot more relaxed than when you arrived...

Harbor View is definitely a "one of a kind". Breath taking views in almost all conditions, Roomy bedroom with a North Facing window so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of Moriah Harbor all day long. Great bone fishing, and some much bigger fish than I expected to see in the Bahamas. Saw many fish in the double-digits. Light fishing pressure (just a couple of skiffs running around), Great trip for a small family and definitely for a couple who wants to be "off the grid". If you have a small group of friends who want to go go bonefishing, call Exuma Kiteboards and see what kind of a deal you can get on a multi day paddle board rental. He'll probably even deliver to you. Big fish on the north side of the island, Lots of small fish on the small side.Also, some huge lobsters live in the seawalls down by ManOWar Key. Definitely bring a net and tickle stick along. I didn't want to leave and I live in the Florida Keys. We will return!!! ***** I Highly recommend Don and Gail's place!
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